Ministry Teams

Westminster Christian Church has five ministry teams that are responsible for carrying out the week-to-week work of the church. These teams are open for anyone to join. Get involved today!

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry Team's purpose is to formulate, implement, and evaluate a vital and comprehensive program of Christian education designed to satisfy the needs of every individual, family, and activity group in the congregation and to create an educational environment which will encourage and assist every individual in obtaining biblical knowledge and Christian maturity. 

Evangelism and Missions

The Evangelism and Missions Ministry Team's purpose is to implement and cultivate an evangelistic spirit throughout the congregation and to plan and administer an evangelistic program which will reach as many individuals in the local community as is within the capabilities of the congregation. Evangelism and Missions also guides and implements a planned program that encourages and motivates the congregation to be missional Christians through our work to spread the gospel to all ends of the earth. 


The Membership Ministry Team's purpose is to maintain the closest possible contact with the entire congregation to the end that each member may function effectively in the life of the church and to develop a spirit of fellowship and love within the congregation founded on a common love for Christ. 


The Property Ministry Team's purpose is to keep all property and equipment owned and/or operated by the congregation in proper condition, to study the needs and make recommendations for improvements, and to supervise all constructive, remedial and custodial work in or on the grounds, buildings, or equipment.

The Worship Ministry Team's purpose is to lead the congregation in public worship services which will be spiritual and worshipful experiences for our church members, individually and corporately.