Ministry Teams

Westminster Christian Church has five ministry teams that are responsible for carrying out the week-to-week work of the church. These teams are open for anyone to join. Get involved today!

Christian Education

To formulate, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive program of  creative and fun discipleship materials and programs that provide the  students of Westminster Christian Church with an environment that  allows them to grow in biblical literacy, theological competency, and  spiritual maturity.  

The Christian Education Ministry Team accomplishes their mission  through weekly studies, Vacation Bible School, songs, movies, plays,  outings, service projects, and games.  

Evangelism and Missions

To implement and cultivate a spirit of evangelism in Westminster Christian Church through outreach programs, both locally and globally.  

The Evangelism and Missions Membership Team accomplishes their mission by supporting the work of and partnering with selected organizations and missionaries that strive to spread the gospel throughout the world. 


To maintain close contact with the membership of Westminster Christian Church and develop a spirit of fellowship and love within the congregation founded on a common love for Christ. 

The Membership Ministry Team accomplishes their mission by sending  sympathy, get well, birthday, and anniversary cards to the membership.  Membership also arranges frequent potluck and special meals, including funeral receptions. 


To keep all property and equipment owned and/or operated by  Westminster Christian Church in proper condition; to examine the needs  and make recommendations for improvements; to supervise cleanup and removal, care of the plants and gardens, updating the surrounding grounds, make sure equipment and outside buildings are maintained.


The Property Team accomplishes their mission by organizing property cleanup days during early Spring and late Fall.  

Safety and Security

To ensure a safe and secure environment for the members and visitors of  Westminster Christian Church.  

The Safety and Security Ministry Team accomplishes their mission by assessing the church for safety risks or security threats that could affect the members, staff, and guests of the church, by receiving regular training, and by maintaining the church’s safety and security policies and procedures.  

To ensure that the worship services of Westminster Christian Church are conducted in a meaningful way.  

The Worship Ministry Team accomplishes their mission by assisting the lead pastor and music director with music selections, ensuring that welcome bags are available for visitors and guests and that celebratory services are set up and conducted accordingly. They are also responsible for decorating the church for holidays, arranging special services, and assisting the lead pastor with any needs they may have for services beyond this scope.