Advent and Christmas Worship Schedule

As we enter into the final stretch of the calendar year—and as the days darken and grow short—our hearts and minds are naturally drawn to the joyous celebration of Christmas. However, amidst the bustling preparations and festive cheer, there exists a sacred and contemplative time known as Advent—a season of immense significance for Christians around the world.

Advent, derived from the Latin word adventus, meaning "coming" or "arrival,” is a time in which we prepare for the past, present, and future arrival of Christ into our world. This season isn't just a countdown to Christmas; it's an opportunity for us to ready our hearts to receive the light and life of Christ anew. 

One of the most incredible ways to embrace this season is by making worship a top priority. We know the schedules get hectic during this time of year, but trust us: worship during Advent is a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with what truly matters, to center ourselves amidst the chaos, and to experience the profound hope, peace, joy, and love that this season offers! Here's a look at our worship schedule for the upcoming month:

Saturday, December 2: Hanging of Church Greens (10:00 am) and Women's Christmas Party (1:00 pm)
Sunday, December 3 (The First Sunday of Advent): Regular Service (9:30 am)
Sunday, December 10 (The Second Sunday of Advent): Kids' Play (9:30 am)
Sunday, December 17 (The Third Sunday of Advent): Choir Cantata (9:30 am)
Sunday, December 24 (The Fourth Sunday of Advent): Regular Service (9:30 am) and Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (5:30 pm)
Sunday, December 31 (The First Sunday of Christmas): Regular Service (9:30 am)