Introducing: A New Worship Schedule

We are excited to announce that starting on Sunday, September 9, 2018, we will be starting a brand new worship schedule on Sunday mornings!  Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Traditional Worship Service—9:30-10:30 AM. This service will maintain all of the elements of worship that you have come to love during our current services, including: traditional hymns, a formal liturgy/service structure, prayer time, Scripture reading, music presented by our choir, and a more contemplative environment.

Bible Study—10:35-11:25 AM

Contemporary Worship Service11:30 AM-12:30 PM. This service will be similar to our traditional worship service in a lot of ways: it will consist of good music, intentional prayers, a time for offering and communion, and a focus on God’s Word. The biggest difference between the two services is that the contemporary service will emphasize modern musical styles/songs and have a less formal structure.